Carbon Chakra Pro

The pro version of Carbon Chakra provides for all the features of the Carbon Chakra System. This is our custom designed line-up meant for special requirements applications such as production lines, larger mandrel sizes and other special cases as required by the user. The System design will be modified to better entertain user requirements.


*Limit switches and mechanical stoppers
*Overvoltage, Overcurrent, and surge protection
*Software motion simulation
*emergency stop

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Carbon Chakra Pro?

Carbon Chakra Pro is an advanced variant of our Carbon Chakra filament winding machine, offering customization options to cater to specialized requirements.

How does Carbon Chakra Pro differ from the standard Carbon Chakra?

Carbon Chakra Pro provides all the features of the standard Carbon Chakra, but it allows for greater customization to meet unique production needs.

What kind of applications is Carbon Chakra Pro suitable for?

Carbon Chakra Pro is ideal for applications that require tailored specifications, production lines, larger mandrel sizes, and other specialized cases.

Does Carbon Chakra Pro maintain the same safety features as the standard version?

Yes, Carbon Chakra Pro retains the safety features found in the standard Carbon Chakra model to ensure a secure and reliable operation.

Can Carbon Chakra Pro be integrated into existing production lines?

Yes, Carbon Chakra Pro can be seamlessly integrated into your existing production setup, allowing for efficient and effective composite manufacturing.

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