Composite Manufacturing Services

Our Company is capable of providing you with composite manufacturing services, that will help you develop custom composite parts. The services include

  • Filament Winding Service
  • Composite Layup
  • Composite Engineering
  • Composite Tooling and molds


Filament Winding Service

We can provide you with filament wound tubes and other axis symmetric structures. We can provide the user with Standard tubes of sizes xx,xx,xx,xx inner diameter and 1.5m length. For other sizes that the standard sizes, we can make custom mandrel for its manufacturing. The tubes will be filament wound with a standard of 4 layer thick.

For Users with specific applications for the tubes we also provide services where the user can select the number of layers, the winding angle of each layer and other properties. We provide filament winding services for both glass fibre and carbon fibre filaments. For information about the specification of the resin and fibre please refer to our documents  below. Also, the QC and testing carried out on the tubes are provided below

Composite Layup

If you require custom parts made using composite, we can provide you with our composite layup services. The service will include options to develop the custom mould required, and the layup process of the mould and the final finishing operation.

For composite layup the user can define the number of layer, the orientation of the fibre the resin infusion process. The user can also select between direct resin infusion and vacuum resin infusion process.

Process Variables

  • Mould Making
  • Fibre Cloth material
  • Fibre Cloth GSM
  • Fibre Cloth stitching pattern
  • Number of Layers
  • Fibre Cloth orientation
  • Resin
  • Resin infusion process
  • Finishing process
  • Number of parts

Composite Engineering

We provide the customer, our expertise in composite manufacturing to develop custom parts for their application needs. By proving us with a detailed specification of the requirements of the part, our engineers will help you to design and develop the required part for your application. The Services include

  • Design and Development of Pressure Vessels
  • Design and Development of High pressure tubes
  • Design and Development of structural tubes
  • Design and Development of moulded composite parts.


Composite Tooling and moulds

For customers, who require moulds for composite manufacturing, we provide you with the option of developing custom moulds using our facility.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Composite Manufacturing Services?

Composite Manufacturing Services offer a range of solutions for developing custom composite parts using advanced techniques like filament winding, composite layup, engineering, and tooling.

What is a Filament Winding Service?

Filament Winding Service provides the manufacturing of filament wound tubes and axis-symmetric structures with customized layering, orientation, and winding patterns.

What is Composite Layup?

Composite Layup involves the process of layering composite materials to create custom parts, including options for different fiber orientations, resin infusion, and finishing.

What is Composite Engineering?

Composite Engineering offers expertise in designing and developing custom composite parts for various applications, including pressure vessels, structural tubes, and more.

What is Composite Tooling and Molds?

Composite Tooling and Molds involve the development of molds and tooling required for composite manufacturing processes, ensuring accurate and repeatable production.

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